# Getting Started

Welcome to Moe Docs, home to everything you want to know about Moe. You will be able to find out almost everything about Moe here. Consider this to be Moe's manual that you always return to when you are confused.

Here's a quick getting started guide just to get you on your feet and explain how to get the best experience you can.

# Inviting the bot on your server

Click here to invite Moebot on your server. You will be redirected to a discord page. First click accept and then Authorize.

# Receiving instructions

After you have invited Moebot on your server, you will receive a message from Moebot with instructions on how to get started. If you don't receive a message, you can always use the help command to get started.

Moebot's welcome message
Moebot's welcome message

# Joining a voice channel

To play music, you must first join a voice channel. You can join a voice channel by using the join command. You can also join a voice channel by using the slash command /join.

# Playing music

To play music, you can use the play command. You can also play music by using the slash command /play.

play command
play command