# About

# Description

The MoE Discord Music Bot is a feature-rich music bot specifically designed for the Ministry of Education Discord server. This bot allows users to play, pause, skip, and control music playback within the voice channels of the server. It provides an enjoyable music listening experience for all members of the MoE community.

# Commands

The MoE Discord Music Bot offers the following commands:

  • !play <song name>: Plays the specified song in the voice channel.
  • !pause: Pauses the current song.
  • !resume: Resumes the playback of the current song.
  • !skip: Skips the current song and plays the next one in the queue.
  • !queue: Displays the current song queue.
  • !shuffle: Shuffles the song queue.
  • !volume <value>: Sets the volume of the bot (range: 0-100).
  • !loop: Enables or disables song looping.
  • !disconnect: Disconnects the bot from the voice channel.

# Usage

To use the MoE Discord Music Bot, follow these steps:

  1. Join a voice channel in the MoE Discord server.
  2. Type !play <song name> to start playing a specific song.
  3. Use !pause, !resume, or !skip to control the playback.
  4. View the queue with !queue and use !shuffle to randomize the order.
  5. Adjust the volume with !volume <value> (e.g., !volume 50).
  6. Enable or disable looping with !loop.
  7. To disconnect the bot, type !disconnect.

# Additional Features

The MoE Discord Music Bot also offers the following additional features:

  • Song Queue Management: Allows users to view and manage the song queue.
  • Volume Control: Provides the ability to adjust the volume of the bot.
  • Shuffle: Randomizes the order of the songs in the queue.
  • Looping: Enables or disables the looping of songs.

# Support and Feedback

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please contact the MoE Discord server administrators. Your feedback is highly appreciated!